Video Transcript: Impala & Cheetahs

Transcript for video:

Girls:  It’s a cheetah a cheetah a cheetah….

Ohhhh!!! (gasp)

It’s in the car, it’s in the car, it’s in the car!

Announcer:  This is the incredible scene as an impala, running for its life from a pair of cheetahs, dives head first through a window and into a tourist’s car.

Girls:  It’s in the car, it’s in the car!

Announcer:  A group of South African girls had been enjoying a day at Krueger National Park, when they witnessed the amazing scene. A herd of impalas suddenly began leaping across the road just a few feet from their car.

It quickly became apparent that the impala were fleeing from two cheetahs to the [unintelligible] town. And in a moment of terror the petrified animal leap to safety in the only available shelter, a Toyota SUV.

[screams from other tourists:  “He’s in the car, he’s in the car!”]

Announcer: The frightened passengers quickly opened the car door allowing the impala to walk free and leaving the cheetahs to go hungry.