Text speak slang: Help for ESL learners


As I mentioned in another post, there are many shorthand terms that are slang so it’s good to look up the words in one of the online text lingo dictionaries (they are listed on the other post, click the link for more information).

A lot of the text speak slang is not shorter than regular words. This is different than what regular text speak normally does. Really, people are trying to be cool when they’re using text speak slang — or I should say kewl not cool…. now do you understand what I mean?

Here a few examples:

::poof::  =  I’m gone, I’m leaving  (the English sound when someone disappears as if by magic).

*$$  = Starbucks (the coffee shop. The asterisk makes a “star” shape and “buck” is another word for dollar $$)

143 = I love you (each number represents the number of letters in each word:

I = 1 letter;

L-O-V-E = 4 letters

Y-O-U = 3 letters

1432 = I love you too  (see above for explanation of 143, and 2 = too)

^5 = high five

411 = information (this is the USA number you dial for information about  a business or person’s phone number and address)

404 = I don’t know  (“Not found 404” is a technical message that is shown on a webpage when a URL is not found on a server).

w00t =  pronounced /wo͞ot/ this is used to express elation, enthusiasm, or triumph.

For more information on text lingo, please check out this post. phone-chat

Hope 2 CU l8r & GUDLUK w/ur English!!

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