Tedx Talk Jia Jiang Quiz

1. Jia Jiang believes his life was changed by a box of donuts.


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2. What is a donut?


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3. When Jia Jiang was growing up in Beijing, China, he wanted to be: (check all the correct answers)


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4. Jia said he was “crushed” when an investor rejected his business. What does “crushed” mean?


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5. Rejection Therapy is:


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6. Jia decided to try 100 days of rejection. He asked for some crazy things to try to get rejected, but people actually said YES to these requests.

(check the ones that people agreed or said yes to):

Check the ones that people agreed or said yes to:


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7. Jackie, the Krispy Kreme employee told Jia that the donuts were “on her.” What does that mean?


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8. Jia Jiang learned some lessons from his Rejection Therapy. Which one of these lessons does he say is true?


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