TED Talk William Kamkwamba

1. This was William Kamkwamba’s first TED Talk.


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2. William is from:


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3. William was nervous at his first talk because:  (check all of the correct answers)


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4. Before he built his windmill, William was a poor farmer who grew cotton.


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5. In 2001, there was a famine in Malawi. What does this mean?


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6. William had to drop out of school but he was determined to get an education so:


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7. Why did William want to build a windmill? (Check all answers that are correct).


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8. The windmill was made from spare parts like a tractor fan and an old bicycle.


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9. After he built the windmill, many people came to his house to charge their   .

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10. William had a message for those who are struggling with their dreams. What was his message?

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