TED Talk Underwater Astonishments Quiz

This is a short quiz based on David Gallo’s TED Talk: Underwater Astonishments. Good luck!

1. This adjective means that something is completely black and there is no light:



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2. Insects like fireflies and some fish have bioluminescence (they give off or emit light). in the video, David Gallo says this helps these insects and fish to: (check ALL the correct answers)


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3. True or false. Some fish can use colors to hypnotize other fish with their colorful patterns.


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4. David Gallo talked about the octopus that could blend into the background. What does this mean?


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5. In card games, like poker, players often bluff when the are playing the game. Bluffing in pokers means that you try to pretend that you have a better set of cards in your hand that you actually have.


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