TED Talk – How to Use a Paper Towel Quiz

1. How many pounds of paper towels are used by Americans every year?


2. If every American used one less paper towel a day, we could reduce paper usage by ___________________ in a year:


3. According to Joe Smith, people take approximately how many paper towels to dry their hands?


4. Joe Smith insists you only need one towel to dry your hands if you use his technique. His technique involves two different actions. Type the words for these actions in the spaces below.



5. Which of the following does Joe mention as examples of why the number 12 is important? (check all that apply)


6. This action is important because it allows interstitial suspension (which helps the paper towel to absorb water):


7. Joe says it is possible to stop a motion-detection towel dispenser from giving you a large paper towel.


8. In this TED Talk, Joe tells us how to reduce paper towel usage. Next year, he’ll help us to conserve: