Spring Allergies Vocabulary

Hay fever


Ahhhhh chooooo!

Spring has definitely sprung!

Spring (noun)- a season between winter and summer when plants and flowers begin to grow.

Sprung (verb: spring; the past tense of this verb is irregular – we don’t say springed): to suddenly jump or move forward.

Spring is definitely here because my allergies are killing me. That means that my allergies are really bad. In spring, most people are allergic to hay fever.

Hay fever is usually an allergic reaction to pollen. (Pollen is the very small pieces of yellow dust that the wind and insects carry from plant to plant so they can produce seeds).

In English, we can describe common allergy symptoms as:

stuffy nose, runny nose, watery eyes, itchy eyes, burning eyes, sinus pressure, itchy throat, scratchy throat, sneezing, and fatigue.

Can you match some of the symptoms to the pictures? (Scroll below for the answers).

allergy symptoms

Sinuses are spaces in the head that connect to the nasal passages (nose). (see photo below)

Sinus pressure: the sinuses become swollen (become larger) and you can feel pressure around the eyes, cheeks and forehead like in the photo below.


1. stuffy nose, runny nose

2. watery eyes, itchy eyes, burning eyes

3. sneezing (or coughing)

4. runny nose

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29 thoughts on “Spring Allergies Vocabulary

    1. Nicole Post author

      Yes, well done, you’re correct! This year it is very bad where I am because the winter was very long and cold and now all of the trees and flowers are blooming at the same time. The pollen count is high. Finally I went to the doctor and got some nasal spray. Now I can breathe again!

    2. sophany

      thank you for give me to know more about that. but in my country we have only two season is rain season and winter season , in the winter season in my country is not so cool ( 15c to 20c) but we hay fever too.

    1. Nicole Post author

      I hope your allergies aren’t too bad if you have them this year. It’s difficult because it’s so beautiful outside but when you have allergies you don’t want to get near the flowers. Take care!

  1. bebz

    now i know what is the different kind of allergy we have,,,,
    and i know it already were i go and what will i do if i suffered like that…

      1. Carla

        True – I don’t suffer from hay fever, but I do have a dust allergy, and that usually kicks in when people decide that it has to be winter temperatures indoors and turn on air-conditioning, which spits out tons of dust! I’d rather be outside in the warm…

  2. Achilopad

    I suffer from energy quite a long time (about 8 years ago). precisely i have dust energy. The problem is i don’t take my treatment regularly. so the energy becomes more intense. i have to go to the specialist for doing test to identify new energy degree. this time i have to strictly respect treatment.

  3. Reda

    I know this sounds peculiar, but I rarely get allergy even though I wear light clothes during the cold weather. Do you have any remarks concerning this Nicole? Or probably practicing football constantly prevent this disease from reaching my body?

    1. Nicole @ Learn English Have Fun Post author

      Some people never get allergies and if you don’t get them you’re lucky. I never had problems with allergies until I was in my early twenties. I am only allergic to pollen but there are many types of allergies. Some people are allergic to the dander in hair of pets (e.g., dogs and cats) and other people have food allergies (e.g., peanuts, shellfish). I’m not sure playing football helps to prevent allergies but exercise is great for your overall health so keep it up! Cheers, Nicole

      1. Lida

        Allergies are a number of condition caused by hypersensivity of the immune system to something in the enviroment that usually causes little problem in most people .their development is due to both genetic and enviromental factors.😊😊

  4. tanzeela

    I always face the problems because of this allergy called hay fever, and i always suffer from a very severe cough for at least about two months.

  5. champa

    Some time back I also had these kind of allergies. Now I’m 54 years , recently I had this runny nose allergic now I’m Ok. In our country climate is good. But few months we feel very hot & dust too.


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