Sales! Sales! Sales! Money idioms


Try to see if you can guess the meaning of these idioms from the picture above and from this passage below:

It’s the end of the season so there are sales in every store right now. Sadly, I spent my bottom dollar on new shoes last week. My friend, however, has money to burn. She spent 750 euros in cold hard cash on a pair of boots and a purse!

Need help with the definitions? Here you go:

bet your bottom dollar:  you can be very sure about something (you can be so sure of something that you can risk your last dollar or bottom dollar that it is true).

money to burn:  to have a lot of money that you can spend on anything you want.

cold hard cash:  actual currency such as bills and coins (not credit cards, cheques, etc.)

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    1. Nicole Post author

      You’re working now because you don’t have money to burn… but who knows? Maybe in 10 years you will be kicking back on the beach and watching the sunset because you have money to burn. I hope so!


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