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It’s February 14 … usually people either love it or hate it! If you don’t have a sweetheart or you’re suffering from a broken heart, you can always show love to your family and friends.

There are lots of idioms and expressions about love and relationships. The letter (in the picture above) has a lot of idioms. Do you know any of these? If you don’t understand all of them, the definitions are below. Wishing you a happy Valentine’s Day! xoxo, Nicole

blind date:  a date (social meeting) where two people have never met before.

love at first sight:  feeling an immediate attraction or love for someone when you first see or meet them.

hit it off:  to immediately become friends with someone.

on the rocks:  the relationship is having problems.

three little words:  these words are “I love you”.

leave someone at the altar:  to leave someone just before the marriage should happen (couples who get married in a church stand in front of a structure called the altar).

Mr. Right:  the man who is the right (or perfect / best) person to marry.

kiss and make up:  to apologize/forgive someone and be a couple (or friends) again.

pop the question:  to propose (ask) marriage to someone.

tie the knot:  to marry.

get hitched:  to marry.

match made in heaven:  a perfect couple (or combination of things).

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