Imperative practice flight safety demo transcript

Here is the transcript for Virgin Australia Safety Demonstration. The video is below as well if you want to view it again.



Hi, and welcome onboard Virgin Australia.

This safety information video will show you some of the safety features of this aircraft including information that could help you in the unlikely event of an emergency.

Even if you fly often — and have a magazine to read — we’d really appreciate your full attention.

First, please check that all your cabin baggage is securely stowed away in the overhead locker or under the seat in front of you as the aisle and exits must be completely clear and tidy.

And, as we’re about to leave, you need to fasten your seatbelt low and tight around your hips. To fasten your seatbelt, push both ends together until they click. To adjust, pull the strap until tight and to release, simply lift the buckle.

It is a requirement that you fasten your seatbelt whenever the seatbelt sign is illuminated or you are instructed to do so by the crew.

We recommend that you fasten your seatbelt whenever you are seated. And, if you plan to sleep, please fasten your seatbelt over the blanket.

In case you haven’t caught a plane in the last century, this is a non-smoking flight. Smoking is not permitted anywhere on the aircraft, including the toilets, which are fitted with smoke detectors and alarms.

The cabin is pressurized during the flight. However, if oxygen is required, masks will automatically drop from the unit above your head. Pull the mask down firmly toward you to start the flow of oxygen. Oxygen will flow through the mask even if the bag does not inflate.

Place the mask over your nose and mouth and fit the elastic strap over your head. You may need to adjust the straps on the sides of the mask. It is important that you fit your own mask first before helping others.

Please study the safety instruction card in the seat pocket. It provides detailed information on life jackets as well as the operation and location of exits on this aircraft.

The safety instruction card also shows the brace position. If directed to adopt the brace position, make sure your seatbelt is tightly fastened. Place both feet together on the floor with your feet just behind your knees.

Lean forward as far as possible, cross your wrists and hold on to the top of seat in front of you. Then, rest your head on your arms.

If there’s no seat in front of you, lean forward as far as possible and wrap your arms around your knees.

Your life jacket is located under or beside your seat. When instructed, remove the life jacket and take it from the bag. Slip the life jacket over your head, pass the strap around your waist and clip the two ends together. To tighten the life jacket, pull the strap.

Once you are outside the aircraft, inflate the life jacket by pulling the toggles. For additional inflation, blow into the mouth pieces. There is a light and a whistle for attracting attention. Infant and spare adult life vests are carried on board and will be distributed by your cabin crew if required.

This aircraft is fitted with slide rafts, escape rafts and signaling devices located in clearly marked stowages. The cabin crew will deploy them in the unlikely event of an emergency.

Please refer to the safety instruction card for more information.

Your nearest exit, which may be behind you, are being pointed out now by a cabin crew member in your area. Please take a moment to locate your nearest exit.

In the event of reduced visibility, the exits can be found by following the escape path lighting.

While you are onboard the aircraft, you are required to follow all illuminated information signs and all instructions from crew members.

On Virgin Australia, you may use permitted electronic devices, however they must be turned off for takeoff and landing or anytime you are instructed to do so by the crew.

As we are about to take off, please ensure your seatbelt is tightly fastened. Your seat back is upright with armrests down and your tray table is folded away.

At this time, your window blind must be open.

Where fitted, leg rests must be retracted and movable tv monitors must be put away.

Don’t forget, your safety is really important to us. The crew are here to help, should you have any questions.

Thank you for your attention and please enjoy your flight with Virgin Australia.