Idiom: She’s “got nothing on” this parrot!


Earlier this week I did a vocabulary lesson based on a girl doing animal impressions. She was amazing…but after watching “Einstein” the parrot’s animal impressions I have to say, that girl’s got nothing on this parrot!

What’s “got nothing on someone” mean?

The expression “got nothing on someone” (or “have nothing on someone”) is used to compare different people and their qualities, skills, etc.

The person that’s “got nothing” is the thing that is less in comparison to the other person(s).

Of course, when comparing qualities this can be an opinion not a fact (for example, everyone does not agree who is most beautiful; it’s a matter of opinion).

This is an informal expression.


Mario: Guisele Bundchen is the most beautiful Victoria’s Secret model on the planet.

Tony:  No way. Guisele and all of those other angels have nothing on Adriana Lima!

– Football captain: “Okay guys, we’re going to win this game. The other team’s got nothing on us! Let’s go!”

– Your sister is superb at singing but she’s got nothing on you when it comes to dancing.

[Note: there’s another meaning of got nothing on someone: that there isn’t any evidence against someone that they did something wrong. (e.g., The police didn’t have anything on the suspect so they had to let him go.)]


I think both the girl’s and the parrot’s animal impressions are fantastic, but I give the edge to Einstein because Einstein’s a parrot! Do you agree? Watch both videos and leave a comment saying who you think did the better animal impressions.

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