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I love learning languages myself and whenever I get on a plane I try to listen to and understand the safety instructions given by the cabin crew. Since I already generally know what the safety instruction is about, I can try to listen for words and phrases that sound familiar. Usually they speak in English as well as the language of the airline carrier.

Most people fly often enough that they do not pay attention to (listen to) the safety instructions. They think they already know what the flight crew will say. Some airlines have started to try to make these safety demos (demonstrations) more interesting as a way to get passengers to pay attention. I think you will be amazed by this one!

Southwest Airlines is a US airline that is known for being different compared to other airlines. They are less expensive and are considered a budget airline. Their flight attendants dress more casually and they are known for taking a different approach with their clients. It is often more personal and comedic.

A few years back one of their flight attendants decided to rap the entire safety instructions to the passengers. If you haven’t seen it, it’s pretty cool.

It’s also a good listening practice exercise. Try to fill in the missing words in the transcript below. If you need to, listen to the rap several times. The video begins with David, the flight attendant, explaining that he is tired and doesn’t want to give another boring safety demo that day. He asks for some audience “participation,” encouraging passenger to give him a beat (he asks them to stomp their feet and clap their hands).

All ready?

Here we go. Give me a stomp, clap, stomp, clap…

1. Listen to the flight attendant’s rap and try to fill in the missing words. You may need to listen to the rap a few times to get all of the words.

The Flight Attendant Rap Words

This is flight 372 on SWA

The flight attendants onboard serving you today

Theresa in the middle, David in the

My name is David and I’m here to tell you that


Shortly after takeoff, first things first

There’s soft drinks and coffee to quench your

But if you want another kind of drink then just holler

Alcoholic beverages will be four dollars


If a Monster energy is your plan

That’ll be three dollars and you get the whole can

We won’t take your cash, you gotta with plastic

If you have a coupon, then that’s fantastic


We know you’re ready to go new places

Open up the and put away your suitcases

Carry on items go under the seat

In front of you so none of you have things by your feet


If you have a seat on a row with an exit

We’re gonna talk to you so you might as well it

You gotta help evacuate in case we need you

If you don’t wanna then we’re gonna reseat you


Before we leave, our advice is

Put away your electronic devices

your seatbelt, then put your trays up

Press the button to make your seat back raise up


Sit back, relax, have a good time

It’s almost time to go, so I’m done with the rhyme

Thank you for the fact that I wasn’t

This is Southwest Airlines, welcome aboard.




23 thoughts on “Flight Attendant Safety Rap

  1. Yusuf

    He speaking so fast I can understanding anything!!!! I like his presentation and wish I can have same fun when I travel by the airplane next time :)

    1. Maviskye

      It’s fast but try listening a few times while reading the transcript. I think you will start to hear some of the words. ;)

  2. Miriam Durand

    Ha, ha! It’s never funny like this on my air flight. I hope I will see some flight attendant instruction speech like this in my future flight. I have many trouble with the flight announcement normally so I like this idea to practice. I think next time will be so much easier with this new vocabulary.

    1. Maviskye

      I also hope I get a funny flight attendant one day! I practice my Turkish, Italian, French and Spanish whenever I’m on a plane and they speak those languages. It’s fun to try to listen. You will get better every time you practice. Good luck!

        1. Nicole @ Learn English Have Fun Post author

          Unfortunately I can’t “learn” you… you have to learn yourself. By practicing and setting small goals to improve your English you can do it yourself. Check out the mini lessons on my blog and continue to try to write comments about the lessons — it’s a great way to practice. Best wishes!

  3. Carla

    Is this a real flight? The Americans are really crazy? Actually, I am listening to the announcement for the first time. I never went on a plane!

    1. Nicole @ Learn English Have Fun Post author

      Yes, you are right! Many airlines are using funny and entertaining videos now for the flight instructions. I really like this one because it was “live” and everyone was stomping their feet and clapping along. I am sure it made everyone feel relaxed just as you said!

    1. Nicole @ Learn English Have Fun Post author

      It’s just fine if you cannot hear all of the words! He’s speaking super fast (even for mother-tongue English speakers). The best thing is to try to enjoy the video and see how many words you CAN hear. Listen to it a few times and you will probably hear a few more words.


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