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English Phrases for the Veterinarian (animal hospital)

Whenever my cousin goes out of town, we dog-sit (=we look after) her precious dog, Maxine. We’ve been doing this for years so Maxine is like a part of our own family.

Unfortunately, from the moment she arrived we could tell that Maxine was not herself.  That is, she was not the happy little playful dog she normally is.  So we decided to take her to the emergency hospital. Read on to learn what happened.

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International Women’s Day


Today, March 8, is International Women’s Day. Since the first time this occasion was celebrated (in 1911), the rights of women have improved significantly in many parts of the world. Unfortunately, equality among men and women is still a big problem. In many places in the world, women have very few rights.

What is it like in your corner of the world?

Google has created an interesting Doodle to celebrate this occasion. There are 100 women in the video and some of them are saying “Happy International Women’s Day.” Do you know any of these women? What does this day mean for you?

If you would like to see the list of all of the women in this video, please click here for the list on Google’s website.



Listening: Get Lucky by Daft Punk

Get Luck Best Record Grammy

The 56th Annual Grammy Awards were held in Los Angeles on January 26 and “Get Lucky” by Daft Punk was crowned the Best Record of the Year. Pharrell Williams and Nile Rodgers were also featured on this song.

Who is Daft Punk? This is a French group that is popular for electronic music. The group was very popular in the late-1990s. The two musicians who make up the duo are Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter.

A unique thing about Daft Punk is that the Frenchmen wear helmets and gloves to look like robots during their performances and when they are in public. Ready to take a closer look at this song? First, listen to the song and try to fill in the blanks. This will help you practice your listening skills. Continue reading

Idiom: Catch someone’s eye


This has happened to all of us! You want to place your order, get the bill, or there’s something wrong with your meal and you cannot get your waiter’s attention… you cannot catch your waiter’s eye.

catch someone’s eye:  to get someone’s attention; to be attractive to someone.


  • I went shopping for a new coat, but nothing caught my eye.
  • All of the job applicant’s CV’s looked the same, but John’s work experience as a clown caught Continue reading

Tennis Lesson on Superlatives

Collage photo of top ranked women players (Serena Williams, Victoria Azarenka, Li Na and Agnieszka Radwanska)

2013 top ranked women’s tennis players © Neale Cousland /

As promised, I’m back with your next tennis lesson :)

In case you missed it, yesterday, we reviewed comparative adjectives:

Rafael Nadal is a better tennis player than Novak Djokovic. Or is Novak better? We can debate that all day but one thing is for sure:

Compared to Novak and Rafael, I am the worst player. Oh well, compared to them I’m the best English speaker! ;)

So, you may have guessed that today’s lesson is on the superlative. This time we’ll look at some top-ranked women’s tennis players. Continue reading

TED Tuesdays: Cameron Russell says Looks Aren’t Everything


Check out the recent TED Tuesdays talk lesson featuring Cameron Russell, an American fashion model who has worked for famous designers and brands like Victoria’s Secret, Chanel, Benetton, Marc Jacobs and many more.

Practice your listening comprehension and join in this important discussion to practice your writing skills. Click here for the lesson.


Back to Sckool


Oh no they did not….. Oops! I hope someone didn’t get fired.

It seems Miss Spell (ha ha, get it?) was at work again… this time road workers misspelled a word in front of an elementary school in Scotland. Sadly, the word they misspelled was “school” painting the pavement with the word “sckool” instead.

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