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Flight Attendant Safety Rap


I love learning languages myself and whenever I get on a plane I try to listen to and understand the safety instructions given by the cabin crew. Since I already generally know what the safety instruction is about, I can try to listen for words and phrases that sound familiar. Usually they speak in English as well as the language of the airline carrier.

Most people fly often enough that they do not pay attention to (listen to) the safety instructions. They think they already know what the flight crew will say. Some airlines have started to try to make these safety demos (demonstrations) more interesting as a way to get passengers to pay attention. I think you will be amazed by this one! Continue reading

World’s Fastest Reader?


Need to practice listening comprehension?

Here’s a great video to help you practice… not! I’m just kidding. I couldn’t understand much myself and English is my mother tongue!

It’s amazing just how fast this woman can read. Check out this YouTube video, which inspired the theme for my October 2013 contest (see details at end about how to win an engraved iPod). Continue reading