Monthly Archives: October 2017

Fall Folliage is Here


It’s that wonderful time of the year!  As Algerian–French author and philosopher Albert Cambus said, “Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.”

Perhaps that’s why spring and fall are my favorite seasons. I love the colors of the leaves and flowers and I love the change of weather. How about you?  What’s your favorite season?

To learn more about fall (which we can also call “autumn”), click here to read my newsletter article about things we eat, see and do here in the Washington, DC area.

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205 T-shirts: A memorial for gun violence victims

I was just walking along getting some exercise and I noticed something down the road. Was it a flea market? Was someone selling clothes?

As I got closer, I could see for certain there were lots of t-shirts…but it definitely wasn’t a clothing sale.

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