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Jazz Something / Someone Up Idiom

It’s been very cold and rainy here lately but I’m not going to complain because if it were any colder Washington would be covered with snow. I’m not ready for snowy weather.

I decided to pop into a cafe for something warm to drink and I was really pleasantly surprised to see how the barista jazzed up my cocoa with a cute spider web. It was delicious too. The drink was served with a small pot of extra hot chocolate. Mmmmm! I will definitely go back in the coming weeks for another.

Have you “jazzed up” anything recently? This is English idiom is fairly common:

to jazz up something or someone (to jazz something or someone up):  to make something or someone more interesting, appealing, exciting or stylish.

For example, in the pictures below you can see our Christmas tree before it was jazzed up and after it was jazzed up with lights.

Our Christmas tree before it was jazzed up.

Our Christmas tree all jazzed up with lights.

A lot of people I know got  jazzed up to go out and celebrate New Year’s Eve. This year I didn’t get jazzed up. I stayed home and lounged around the house in my sweat pants and read a book. At midnight, we opened a bottle of champagne though to celebrate. Sometimes at bars and cafes, the bartenders will jazz up drinks with fruit, olives and umbrellas.

What have you jazzed up lately? Practice this new idiom in the comments below!

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